Welcome to Chez Mieux

… A luxury cat boarding kennel exclusively for cats, serving the greater Boston, Massachusetts area. Designed with only cats in mind, consider us your cat’s home when you’re away from home. We focus on meeting the unique needs of our feline guests, so that you can fully relax knowing that your cat is relaxed.

We know the difficulties in finding accommodations for your cat during vacation time. All too often, kennels are designed to provide spacious units and exercise runs for dogs, while the feline clients are relegated to a number of small cages in a stuffy room. Because we are a cats-only luxury hotel, there is none of the barking and dog scents that comprise the main source of high anxiety experienced by cats who board at other facilities and veterinary clinics while their families are away.

Our cat condos are clean, spacious, comfortable and staffed by warm, knowledgeable cat lovers. Our guests have window views and spacious rooms where they have playtime out of their condos individually, because cats do not like to play together like dogs do. During individual playtime, each guest can choose to stretch, explore, climb, play or just relax while they get individual TLC from an attentive staff member.

All of the caregivers at Chez Mieux cat kennel have been cat owners for years, so we understand the bond between cats and their family members. We provide the extra warmth and consideration that cats need while boarding to feel comfortable, secure, and relaxed.

Chez Mieux Cat Boarding Kennel

Chez Mieux Cat Boarding Kennel : 81 Speen Street, Floor 2 • Natick, MA • 01760